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Capitola: Rafael brings bite back with a vengeance

Raphael and nice flattie
Rafael scored this beautiful 26 pounder off Soquel point today fishing live sardines. People are getting the sardines all over the place, though they’re mostly between New Brighton and the cement ship. Whales were feeding on them from close to the beach out to two miles out.The whales put on a really nice show while Ed and Kurtis were trolling around looking for seabass. Kurtis scored three, two over 40 pounds, one small (legal) one. Dan got one little (legal) one, and Ed got two small (legal) ones. They saw seven schools of big fish out there.Ed caught and released a 12 pound silver salmon flylining a live sardine. A couple of the rentals also had the pleasure of releasing silvers today. Pretty nice to see them swim away.

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Capitola: Soquel point turns back on

Phil and lings
Phil got these two lings fishing live sardines off Soquel point today. A couple of the rental boats got some lings and rock cod there as well, so that takes care of that part. Then…..(see next post)

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Capitola: Boat bucks double as lucky charm

Troy Tyrus and halibut and ling
Troy and Tyrus found the bite today off O’Neils. Troy landed a 20 pound halibut and Tyrus got a 12.5 pound ling. They were fishing with live jack smelt. Looks like the swell has gone down despite forecasts and the bite is back on. You can spend Boat Bucks up ’til this Thursday – take a day off and catch some dinner!

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