Capitola: Ed enjoys his days off

Ed and ghosts
Ed just brought in two seabass. They’re still around and plentiful if you manage not to spook them. The “little one” is 27 pounds, the larger one is 36, both caught off the cement ship. They do seem to like that area for some reason. Probably the bait – sardines are still all over the place. Whales too. And Kurtis saw a great white shark this morning, but it left before he could get a picture. Bummer.

August 19, 2008   Posted in: Fishing Reports

2 Responses

  1. Joe - August 21, 2008

    Are you guys getting those on bait or are the snagging rumors true? An honest answer would be appreciated. If you did get them on bait, right on and post up those methods please!

  2. Dave - August 21, 2008

    Hi Joe

    They’ve caught them using a combination of both methods.

    When they’re “finning” on the surface of the water, they won’t bite but can be snagged. When they’re feeding it’s sort of like fishing for salmon:

    First you have to find them. If they’re feeding, they’ll be on a bait ball, so you have to find a bait ball first.

    Then use your sounder to look for their particular signature. One of the commercial guys said they look like gummy worms stacked up on the bottom on his.

    If you find them down there on your sounder, then you can fish them at all levels of the water column – from the surface to the bottom – by drifting through the bait ball. There are no pole count limits. They’ll bite on most any bait, and halibut rigs work well. They’ll also bite on artificials.