Capitola: Foggy but still some fish

Josh was the highliner today with two good sized halibut. Four of the rental boats and a private boat had legal halibut today – not much more than legal, but legal. Several had a few rock cod – browns, gophers, black-and-yellows. A few boats got into some jacksmelt and sardines and mackerel. A couple of rentals saw some threshers as well off Soquel point – interesting.

The bait has moved out – out of the harbor, away from the ship. There are some small patchy spots – you can still jig some up. There’s lots of good bait, but you have to work at it. Jacksmelt and kingfish make very good bait – you don’t need anchovies or sardines to be productive.

We saw some spotty red tide today – not real bad. The swell is up just enough to chase the bait out and it turned off the halibut bite on the wharf, but halibut are still biting farther out. A number of perch came up off the wharf, with Harry landing a 12 inch barred perch (he’s today’s wharf highliner).

August 21, 2008   Posted in: Fishing Reports