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Capitola: Double ling hookup saves the day

Donna and her first ling
Donna got her first lingcod today – a 7 pounder. She got it fishing live sardines off Adam’s reef. Congratulations Donna!

Ed got back in proudly flying the skunk flag – he’s been paying his dues. He had two good takedowns inside the mile reef late this morning (around 11:00am). Pelicans are diving on little pockets of bait in the marina – sure hope something comes in for the Begonia Festival tournament. Stay tuned – when things change you’ll know it first.

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Capitola: Still slow going

John and rock fish
John just came in with a couple of rock cod he caught in the eastern kelp bed on a shrimp fly jig with some squid pieces.

Earlier today Larry, Phil, and Kurtis came in with some small halibut ranging from 7-9 pounds. Kurtis said there was a consistent early bite of small fish, but they were finicky – they’d take the bait and spool line out, but ultimately he lost several when they apparently just spit the bait.

We have a ground swell going on right now (along with some nasty wind chop) that’s not helping things, and word on the radio is that the same pattern holds – small halibut here and there – all the way up to 4 mile. Looks like the red tide that was hanging around here has moved west a bit – it’s now in front of the harbor in a big way.

One silver lining: weather’s gorgeous here at the Capitola wharf – we’re due for some pretty warm weather, and it seems that it’s starting to move in.

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