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Capitola: Oh – and the dolphins

Forgot to mention: we saw quite a nice little show to the east of the eastern kelp bed here today – a large pod of large dolphins charged past the edge of the kelp bed this afternoon – it was quite a display.

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Santa Cruz: The urge to lie about this here is strong, but….

Commercial crew and flatties
Here’s the facts:

Josh is the highliner today with a 24 pounder – he got it and a few other nice ones off 4 mile. Dan’s big one was in the same area – it was 23 pounds. Kurtis ran all the way up to Davenport for two small ones. All were caught live sardines. Dan also got two off Soquel point – one 15 and one small one.

The rentals came in with a few rock cod – nothing to brag about (browns and blacks). There were no barracuda, but it was foggy today so it was hard to see bird action.

The fog did burn off about 11:00am – it was very nice in Capitola. It was not as nice as you went up the coast, but it was still fishable most of the day.

Bait was pretty scarce despite last night’s deluge, but Dan did find a big ball of bait off Soquel point in 60 feet of water.

The frosting on this particular cake – over the radio a few boats went out looking for tuna again today – no joy. Some fish were marked, and one boat had something really big break off his gear, but as far as we heard, there will be no tuna being eaten tonight.

So – we continue to wait, and we continue to hope. At least some fish were caught today – arguably this is a big improvement on yesterday. Ed is willing to hazard that the swell does appear (once again) to be going down some. Now – our marksmanship here has not been so good. But. You know. One continues to hope.

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Santa Cruz: Radio Fish – Rock Cod and Lings

Word over the radio from a boat that got a decent catch fishing at south rock and the lane – a number of rock cod and a decent sized ling.


Reports of lots of sardines in front of the harbor and Mitchel’s (?)

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