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Santa Cruz: Halibut good up the coast

Larry and Josh and flatties
Josh was the highliner *again* today with a 27 pounder – Larry was the runner up with 24 and 7 pounders. They were caught above the lighthouse using live sardines.

They jigged up the sardines off Soquel point. The bait is scattered but can be found from Soquel point on up the coast.В  Some sardines, anchovies, and mackerel came in off the Santa Cruz wharf today as well.

So – the halibut bite for now appears to be from Santa Cruz north. The good weather is from Soquel point south. Figures.

Anyway – the bite is up there for as long as you can stand to be out in it.В  The swell has in fact come down though there’s been some wind chop, so the halibut bite has a chance of picking up farther into the bay – we’ll see.

In Capitola today one rental spotted some barracuda finning and running together at the yellow buoy.

Word is some tuna came in today – check Bayside for that report.

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Capitola: …and more…

Brent Nick and rock cod
Brent and Nick caught two limits of brown and grass cod off Soquel point today working the edge of the kelp bed. They were using swim baits and frozen anchovies. Nice catch!

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Capitola: Rock cod at Soquel point

Ian and rock cod
Ian caught these rock fish – a brown and a black-and-yellow – off Soquel point today using frozen anchovies on a rock cod jig.

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