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Capitola: Does it get any better than this?

Ed is happy
Awesome day! There was a light offshore breeze in the morning and it was a little cool, but that was short lived. It was t-shirt weather the rest of the day. The swell and waves just stayed down all day in here (up the coast it was UP (Larry said it was pretty nasty). Dan wanted to go farther north, but ended hanging around Soquel point because of it.

Bait was plentiful outside the marina – lots of sardines with some jack mackerel mixed in. Glen said he did best with the jack smelt, which he found out in 60 feet of water. He got some blacks and blues and one keeper ling.

Other than that – man – it’d be nice to see a month of days like this. Awesome.

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Capitola: Pretty good day for everything else too

Steve Kelly Dan and wow nice catch
Steve and Kelly and Dan went out in Dan’s boat today and – well – they scored. Steve’s 28 pound halibut came in off Soquel point in 75 feet of water on a halibut rig with live sardines. Kelly’s ling and Dan’s ling and vermillion came in in the same area on the same gear. Beautiful catch!

Four of the rental boats had small but legal halibut – all off Soquel point. Two private launches (aside from the earlier post) also came in with small halibut.

So the halibut bite appears to be back on to some degree. Yay.

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Capitola: Really good day for lings

Shea and her family cashed in on the bite at Soquel point today in 40 feet of water. These two lings came in on live sardines (which they jigged up right out in front of the marina past the mile reef). It was generally a pretty good day for lings – Larry says it was kind of a wide open ling bite. We saw 6 other lings come in on the rentals – really a nice bite.

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Capitola: Nice ling in the kelp

Justin and nice lingcod
Justin caught this beauty fishing anchovies just off the eastern kelp bed this morning.

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Fishing Derby was Awesome!

It was a perfect day for the derby – the sun was shining, little breeze, and beautiful waterjust a really great day to be out here. Here’s a small gallery of photos for your enjoyment.Keagan ended up doing pretty well today – he won Most Fish in the toddler to 7 yr category – congratulations Keagan!The happy winners were:

Thomas Li – Largest fish 18 and up – (He won a boat rental)

Sabrina Datte – Biggest fish overall – trophy

Trevor Thams – Largets 18 and up – boy – fishing pole

Cyndi Marchass – Largest 18 and up – girl – fishing pole

Keagan Vanconalley – Most fish toddler – 7 yo – trophy

Collin Wood – Most fish 8-12yr – trophy

Dillan MacCoy – Most fish 13-17yr – trophy

Leyla Porceles – Biggest fish toddler – 7 – Trophy

Zack Burr – Biggest fish 8-12 – trophy

Lisa Myers – Biggest fish 13-17 – trophy

See you all next year!

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Capitola: Rock cod still coming in

Wendy and rock cod
Here’s Wendy with her brown rock cod – good job Wendy! She caught this one out by the mile reef in a rental with her family. They saw some yellow fins out there, but weren’t sure if they were seabass or barracuda. Some other rentals have hooked up (but lost) barracuda in the same area.

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Capitola: Derby is picking up

RJ and starry flounder
Here’s RJ with a starry flounder – might be a winner! We’ve seen in excess of 30 fish come in so far – it’s going well.

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Capitola: First fish of the derby

Keagan and king fish
Here’s Keagan with the first fish of the day – a kingfish. Congratulations Keagan!

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