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Capitola: Should have stayed in bed

It was a pretty slow day. We only had two rentals out and they came in with a few small rock cod. Josh got one 8 pound flattie off O’Neil’s in about 50 feet of water – basically there was no bite.

Kind of confusing cuz the swell is down and conditions are good – there’s bait everywere. Josh got sardines and mackerel like crazy in 30 feet of water outside the marina. And the weather is pretty awesome if you stay this side of Pleasure Point (farther north and west it is…. ‘unpleasant’).

There’s always tomorrow.

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Older posts

We’ve gotten a few comments about getting to the older fishing report posts (as in “how”).В  There are several ways to do it, here are the easiest ways:

  1. At the bottom of the fishing report page is a link to “View older fishing reports” – click that and you’ll go back in time.В  At the bottom of each page after that you’ll see a link called “Previous entries” – each time you click on that you again go back in time.
  2. For any date on which there was a post, the event calendar on the left side of the page will have a link.В  So if you know the date of the report you’re looking for, you can select the the month and then click on the date.
  3. I’ve added an “Archives” pane to the left side under the calendar – that lets you select a month/year combination.В  Once you’ve pulled up a month, you’ll probably want to use the “previous entries” link on the bottom of the page as well.
  4. You can use the search box in the upper right corner to look for your post.

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