Capitola: Hydrobike Harvey strikes again

Harvey and halibut
Harvey got this 24 inch flattie fishing live anchovies off Capitola beach. There was some wharf action as well – Andy got 2, Harry got 1, and Don got one (all undersized) on live anchovies at the surf line. There were also a couple of shorts caught at the end of the wharf – so that thing we saw yesterday and the day before seems to be real. They’re not big, but they’re coming in.

The bait has dissipated quite a bit – there are still some anchovies on the inside and sardines on the outside – but they’re in scattered balls. It’s best to watch the pelicans if you’re trying to jig up bait. Boccie has some in the harbor as well if you’re in that neighborhood.

Weather was (again) really really nice – typical September weather here. Up the coast it was a bit nasty, but in here (Capitola) it was idyllic. About the swell: it’s hard to say. Our judgement is questionable on this so – well – we *see* something that *looks* like a small swell – but who knows??

The forecast, by the way, is supposed to be like this through the weekend – so if nothing else, it’s going to be a *great* time to be on the water.

September 4, 2008   Posted in: Fishing Reports