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Santa Cruz: Where the action is

Fishing was better out of Santa Cruz today – we saw a 29 inch ling come in off a rental, and many of the rentals came in with limits of rock cod. Boats were fishing in front of the lighthouse, main reef, and out to south rock in 50-100 feet of water (it drops off fast there). No pictures cuz we’re still internet-less at that store – sorry.

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Capitola: Oooof

The swell from hades is in, and guess what – fishing is not so good. We saw 8 black rock cod come in in one private launch, and a few browns in another. They were caught off Pleasure Point at the hook. Else – nada save for jack smelt. One of our rentals targeted them and got 150 pounds.

The birds were working out in 70 feet of water where the barracuda should have been, so – something there maybe, but we didn’t see it. Most of our boats were fishing short of that depth, and the fog came in quickly which brought the fleet in early. So it *could* be said that we aren’t seeing a full day’s worth.

So – that’s about it. Bummer. Time to put in the time.

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