Ooo-ooo that swell

The swell from hell continued unabated today.В  We had no rentals out in Santa Cruz and no rentals or private launches out in Capitola today, so our perspective on things is pretty limited.В  Ed went out for a while this afternoon to put in his time, and ended up with a few rock cod.В  We didn’t hear anything on the radio other than some tuna hunting talk – some folks were heading out toward the weather buoy in search of some of that sea chicken :) – Todd will no doubt have details if anything came of it.

Larry noted that while the swell made life on the water interesting in Capitola yesterday, Santa Cruz was really not bad at all.В  So it may remain true that fishing in Santa Cruz is better than in Capitola now.В  That’s literally a guess though.

The sad fact is that when the swell comes up most fish close their mouths.В В  This one is just a moderate ground swell, but it’s enough activity to wreak havoc in the depths.В  We’ll be sure to scream it to the winds when this situation improves; this hand-sitting is for the birds.

September 9, 2008   Posted in: Fishing Reports