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There are only so many ways to say “Ugh!”

Yep – it’s still here, and it’s still not helping matters.В  We had one rental out of Santa Cruz and one out of Capitola.В  Steve and his buddy fished a variety of spots in Capitola and managed to hook up with two kingfish.В  They were good humored about it though – sometimes just getting out there can be as good as the catching.
One potentially good thing – the water has cleared up dramatically since all this started – lots of stagnant water has moved out.В  Steve said he figured he could see down 20 feet today.В  So – when things do get going again the fish will at least be swimming in some nice fresh water.

More when it happens…

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Radio Anti-Fish: Ugh!

Just over the radio – a boat out of Santa Cruz reported that he’s giving up for the day as rock fish are nowhere to be seen. Not much of a surprise – swell is still here.

Not gonna even guess as to the swell situation.В  I’ll report someone else’s forecast though:В  Down some tomorrow and more Friday, up slightly Saturday, way down after that. ( – California Near-shore section).В  We’ll see how that goes.

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