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Capitola: The happiest guys we saw all day

James and friend and grass cod and kingfish
Here’s James and his friend with their catch of the day – a kingfish and a grass cod. Seems like grass cod are on the bite these days. They caught the grass cod off Capitola reef using pieces of squid on small hooks, and the kingfish towards New Brighton using the same.

It was a pretty nice day – overcast but calm in the morning, then sunny and calm. Most boats came in with fish (we only had 8 out, so that’s definitely a good sign). There were a couple of boats fishing off Capitola reef in the kelp that came in with some legal lings as well.

Overall things are looking up – swell is *definitely* *for* **sure** down. “They” say that it’s supposed to come back up. We will believe it when we see it. For now, we are very happy.

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Capitola: Good eatin tonight

John and assistant and grass cod
Here’s John and his friend with today’s catch – a couple of nice grass cod. They caught these off Capitola reef using cut frozen squid on a rock cod rig.

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Capitola: Barbie doll rod brings em in!

Brooke and brown rock cod
Brookie’s Barbie doll rod brought in this husky fiesty brown rock cod today. She was fishing with her dad off the east reef using a swim bait. Way to go Brooke!!

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Capitola: We apologize for this good news….

Aaron and friend and nice catch
K – see we should have posted this yesterday – *and* we forgot one of the names. Better late than never.

Here’s Aaron and a friend with their catch from yesterday – a legal halibut and some rock cod. Yesterday actually wasn’t too bad – we saw 5 legal halibut and a bunch of rock cod come in off the rentals.

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