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Capitola: Rock fish off the wharf!

Luke and grass cod
Here’s Luke with a grass cod he caught today in combination with a couple nice black perch. He got them all around the midline of the wharf using shrimp on a surf leader setup. It was pretty good for perch on the wharf today in general – Andy, Harry, and Don did pretty well.

There were some anchovies off the floating dock early this morning. Even though Ed saw pelicans diving in the marina and on the outside, he didn’t see anything worth throwing the net on during the day. Jigging might be a tactic worth trying.

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Santa Cruz: Consistent rock cod fishing

We’ve only had a few boats out in Santa Cruz as well over the last few days. Reports we’ve had were that boats were coming in with limits of blacks and blues. Larry got into a bunch of undersized ling cod and a few rock cod at the whistle buoy – that’s the best first-hand account we have.

Oh – and Boccie scored big on the sardines – he has a bunch of large ones in his receiver so there’s plenty of bait to be had one way or another.

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Capitola: Halibut in Capitola reef

John and John C and halibut
John C and his friend John went fishing the Capitola reef today, and John C ended up bringing in this 8 pound flattie using swim baits and anchovies (to be honest we forgot to ask).

Rock cod has been kind of off and on on the outside reefs (unless you are Darn Glen), but it’s been most productive with a mix of halibut and rock cod in 12-20 feet of water along the edges of the kelp beds. We have not had very many boats out, so we don’t really have a very good sampling of what’s actually going on. Fact is, people haven’t been fishing Capitola lately, so it’s kind of an unknown.

The bait is still out there – sardines were in the marina early in the morning, and Larry had no problem picking them up in 30 feet of water just outside the marina.

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Capitola: Nice late rock cod bite

Ian and rock cod
Ian got a late start but still got a half limit of cod fishing the first kelp bed straight off the wharf with swim baits.

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