Capitola: We had a really nice picture for today, but…

… gremlins took it.

If we had that picture. you’d see Bayrad and his daughters (who had a great time) with a dozen brown rock cod and some mackerel. Ed went out on the shore boat today and caught a couple dozen 8 inch mackerel mixed in with sardines.

If the gremlins had not had a party with our camera, you’d also be seeing a photo of Luke (from yesterday) and his brother Larson holding up a 12 pound guitar skate that Ed hooked from the wharf and which the boys then reeled in. They also got some perch including a nice 10 inch black using shrimp. Wharf fishing is not too bad right now.

We’re hoping that the mackerel come in around the wharf. This time of year if the water temperature is right, we get a pretty decent amount of mackerel around here, and since Ed found them just outside of the marina today, it’s probably safe to say “there’s mackerel here” right now. If the fates go our way, there’ll be a nice mackerel harvest coming up shortly.

September 18, 2008   Posted in: Fishing Reports