Capitola: The world is always sunny for Darn Glen

Darn Glen and flattie
Here’s Glen with his halibut for today, he also brought in a limit of rock fish – bolina (about 2.5 pounds each). He was fishing a combination of live bait (sardines and mackerel) and fish traps off Soquel point. For some reason the fish were only biting the fish traps.

He jigged the bait up at Soquel point as well – right in front of O’Neil’s. The seiners were using spotter planes and were netting up a lot of it, but he still managed to get some with some work.

Glen’s catch today is pretty exemplary for this time of year around here – the big halibut have moved a bit farther north, but the rock cod and smaller halibut (and lings) are definitely around.

Reminder: Next Saturday is a free fishing day! No license is required to fish from a boat. Come on down and get some dinner!

September 21, 2008   Posted in: Fishing Reports