Capitola: Mack Attack!

Leena and mackerel
Finally some mackerel off the wharf! Here’s Leenah with one of the many she’s been loading up on today. She and her friend had a five gallon bucket full of them in less than an hour. Several others on the wharf have buckets full as well. These are all getting caught with a bait jig with anchovies, a big bobber, and about a 2 oz weight. They put little pieces of anchovies on, but you can fillet the mackerel into little strips and use them as well (they eat their own!!!!).

Otherwise out on the water there are still lots of scattered bait balls of anchovies and mackerel and some jacksmelt. The anchovies are all pinheads, so that’s why the mackerel are around.

September 24, 2008   Posted in: Fishing Reports