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How the mighty have fallen

Hydrobike Harvey explored some previously unexplored areas of physics with a hydrobike today and manged (in the process) to in fact invert said hydrobike.В  It turns out that hydrobikes are *amazingly* stable *unless* you walk out to the outermost end of one of the pontoons while holding onto some part of the frame.В  In this case, the weight shift causes what some in NASA might call “catastrophic failure”.В В  Enjoy the photos

Hydrobike Harvey's Great Experiment

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Capitola: Good variety on the wharf

Robert and short flattie
Here’s Robert with a short halibut he caught off the wharf today at the surf line using a green peppered fluke swim bait. Elsewhere on the wharf we saw lots and lots of jack smelt. A father and son and a few others caught 30 mackerel off the end of the wharf. And also a couple little squids came up on bait jigs at the end. All that plus great weather made for a pretty fun day.

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Capitola: Little Skipper looks promising

Shane Angela James and vermillions
So – we did a little experiment today with Shane, Angela, and James with a product we might potentially call the “Little Skipper”. It’s a gps you can rent from us with some well researched waypoints. These guys were pretty happy about it – they caught two limits of rock cod including three vermillion, two coppers, and a lot of medium sized browns.

We only have one unit now, so if you want to give it a try, you have to ask. We’re renting it for $20/day right now. If you want to go all out, we have three fish finders available and we’ll do an all day rental with a fish finder + gps for $100. You have to ask though.

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Capitola: Nice catch

Feng and ling and grass cod
Feng hooked up with a nice ling and a grass cod over at the Capitola reef today using anchovies. We’ve seen rock fish of various sorts coming in as well. Not fast and furious, but typical for this time of year.

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Capitola: First catch of the day

Matt and halibut and black cod
Here’s Matt with his catch from this morning – a halibut and a black cod. He caught these using anchovies on a halibut rig off Soquel point.

Day’s getting sunny – it started out foggy but is now warming up substantially.

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