Capitola: Quality and quantity

Body Harry Savannah limits
Here’s Brody, Harry, and Savannah with their three limits of rock cod – blacks and vermillion! The kids were happy with almost non-stop action with ling cod (it was Harry’s best day yet)! They were fishing off Adam’s reef and Boomer’s reef using squid on rock cod jigs.

It was a beautiful overcast day with light winds and little to no swell. Every rental that went out came back with fish! On the wharf today Ed got the catch of the day with a 24 inch halibut caught using a throw net off the floating dock(!). The net came up with a variety of squid, small sardines, and mackerel. Larry points out that this is why we’re seeing halibut around again all of the sudden. Elsewhere on the wharf Hydrobike Harvey stayed land locked on the wharf today, but managed to farm a mystery halibut down in the surf line using live mackerel on a bobber. There’s still a bunch of jack smelt and mackerel being caught off the wharf as well, and there are lots of happy kids around these days.

September 28, 2008   Posted in: Fishing Reports

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  1. jim roland - October 1, 2008

    Hello from San Antonio to all my Capitola fishing pals.We have .. great weather , no rain, and no fish. Hello to Frank,Ed,Tony, Rich,Dave the Democrat and my buddy Dave.See you next spring
    Jim Roland ( Sheriff Larrys\’brother)

  2. Capitola Boat and Bait - October 2, 2008

    Hi Jim!

    Good to hear from you. So with some luck we’ll have some pictures today; tuna’s in at 30 miles right now and the whole fleet’s gone out there to get some – Larry included I think. So – we’ll post pics if we get them.