Capitola: Darn Swell

Sergio and skate
Here’s Sergio with a guitar skate that he got next to the fish tank using shrimp on a surf leader setup. Elsewhere on the wharf today, people were still getting some mackerel, perch, and kingfish – mostly on shrimp, though mackerel were coming up on cut up mackerel with a bobber.

On the boats, fishing was poor. Out of nine boats out we only saw about 1 dozen rock cod come in. Some of the boats also came in with large mackerel and smelt. Bait jigs were getting the jacksmelt and mackerel, shrimp fly jigs with squid were getting the rock cod.

The problem has been the swell – a good three foot southerly – that’s a remnant of the weather we had the other day. The weather is otherwise great – sunny and in the 70s with no wind. The swell is supposed to come down – it’ll probably take a day or two. If it does, Wednesday or Thursday should see fishing pick up again.

October 5, 2008   Posted in: Fishing Reports