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Capitola: Whoa – flatties from the wharf

Happy Ed and flatties
Well guess what – here’s Ed with a couple of flatties he just caught today off the wharf. He was pretty happy (and surprised) about it. He was using a bait jig with a bobber with little pieces of mackerel (to catch mackerel). He hooked a small mackerel and put it on a dead man setup, lobbed it out, and about 5 minutes later he had a 24 inch flattie. Then he lobbed out another one and had another in less than 5 minutes! That was just about an hour ago, and right at the hoist! Pretty cool. Hopefully there are a bunch more there. He’s getting makerel like crazy off the wharf right now, so we’ll see.

Hopefully this holds into the weekend. Not many boats going out – four yesterday and only one today. So of course our view of things is limited.

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Capitola: Whoops

Chris Tom and browns
This is from yesterday – here’s Chris and Tom with their catch of brown rock cod. They were fishing off Soquel point outside the yellow buoy in 75 feet of water using shrimp fly jigs with squid and anchovies. They were doing best with anchovies in the morning, but did well in the afternoon with squid.

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