Capitola: Whoa – flatties from the wharf

Happy Ed and flatties
Well guess what – here’s Ed with a couple of flatties he just caught today off the wharf. He was pretty happy (and surprised) about it. He was using a bait jig with a bobber with little pieces of mackerel (to catch mackerel). He hooked a small mackerel and put it on a dead man setup, lobbed it out, and about 5 minutes later he had a 24 inch flattie. Then he lobbed out another one and had another in less than 5 minutes! That was just about an hour ago, and right at the hoist! Pretty cool. Hopefully there are a bunch more there. He’s getting makerel like crazy off the wharf right now, so we’ll see.

Hopefully this holds into the weekend. Not many boats going out – four yesterday and only one today. So of course our view of things is limited.

October 9, 2008   Posted in: Fishing Reports