Santa Cruz: South Rock continues to shine

Pat Larry Harvey and nice lings
Pat and Harvey fished with Sheriff Larry today and caught limits of lings to 14 pounds along with several nice vermillion. Lings are still going off up there. They were getting them on live sardines, which you can get plenty of just outside the harbor. Bocci also has a nice receiver full.

A correction: Our fearless leader misread the Fish and Game regs and announced that they’d rolled up the rock cod closure for this season to November 15th. He was, in fact, reading NEXT YEAR’S regulations. So to be clear: Rock cod (the RCG complex) closes November 30th this year – there has been no change. Sorry for the confusion. Our fearless leader had a senior moment :)

October 17, 2008   Posted in: Fishing Reports

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  1. Dan - October 17, 2008

    Boy, that Sheriff Larry, he’s the bomb.