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Enabled caching

On another technical note, I’ve enabled caching on the server side to further reduce load & speed things up.  It should be transparent to you, but if you notice any new problems please take a moment if you have one to mention it in a comment to this article.

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Bumps along the way

I’m trying to make the weather data feed as robust as possible, so along the way I’m introducing error conditions that may come up.  I found a doozie last night, hence the downtime.  There will probably be another week of this.  I’m adding some graphs to the Right Now page – that’s turned out to be a bit tricky – so – please nevermind the dust.

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Kewl :)

Well, Mike H. installed the new weather station hardware on and around our radio tower in Capitola about two weeks ago, and yesterday we finally got the extra little bits that lets our computer in the store talk to the base station.  So – well – see that thing just to the right of this post here that says “Weather Now”?  The stuff in there is really actually the reading that our weather station gave us sometime within a minute of the time you loaded this page.  (That’s the kewl :) ).  We’ve started a page for the weather station stuff as well .  There’s actually some additional data that we can get from the system that we’re not using yet – we’ll get to it at some point.  Anyway – enjoy.


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Fixed the slow-th

I’ve done a few things to address the website-sure-is-slow issue – hopefully this’ll be the end of that.

I also fixed the weather discussion formatting issue, though almost certainly tenuously – basically it’ll all go to pieces if they (NWS) change anything on their side. Oh well.

Coming soon – live weather conditions at Captiola – stay tuned!

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