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Capitola: Greg and Justin with Striped perch .


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Capitola: Matt with black.


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Capitola: It might be…

Tiffany and calico perch
…that the tournament fishing this morning chased all the perch over here. Here’s Tiffany with a nice calico – she just caught this one a little more toward the beach with shrimp, again on the east side.

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Capitola: Eeeenteresting

Raphael and black perch
Here’s Rafael with another black perch – he caught it in the same area the last one came up using shrimp. In the last hour things have sort of gone off perch wise on the wharf here.

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Capitola: …Peeep….

A.J. Allison and black perch
A.J. and Allison here caught this nice black perch on shrimp using an egg sinker with a barrel swivel on about a foot lead with a number 4 hook. They were fishing about halfway down on the pier on the east side. We haven’t heard how the Sand Crab Classic went, but – if the perch invasion we’ve been seeing is any indication, it was probably a great time for all.

Perch here is actually a bit slower today than it has been – there’s definitely be a small uptick the catching lately. Just a little, but a good sign.

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Capitola: Andy with a Stary flounder


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Capitola: Lou with big balck

Perch  Time

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Capitola: …peep…

Steve and nice perch
It’s been pretty quiet on the wharf over the last couple of months – just a perch a day or so – really nothing much happening or worth reporting.

Today however we can emit a small peep:

Here’s Steve with one of two Calico and a Black perch he caught yesterday at the beginning of the wharf in the surfline. The three quality ones and numerous small ones he caught bit on shrimp on a surf leader. Congratulations Steve!

Basically, a few days ago some decent perch started showing up – one guy fishing by the gate caught and released a 3 lb steelhead along with a cabazone and some black perch.

Is this a reminder? An opening salvo? The first sign of a fish takeover of the planet? Stay tuned.

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That glitch with the weather graphs

If you happened to notice the data feed dropout during last night’s weather, then you now know exactly what it looks like when the dsl line we have running out on the wharf there gets “wet”.В  I suppose this means that the longer you *don’t* see data, the worse the storm is. hehe.

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