Capitola: …peep…

Steve and nice perch
It’s been pretty quiet on the wharf over the last couple of months – just a perch a day or so – really nothing much happening or worth reporting.

Today however we can emit a small peep:

Here’s Steve with one of two Calico and a Black perch he caught yesterday at the beginning of the wharf in the surfline. The three quality ones and numerous small ones he caught bit on shrimp on a surf leader. Congratulations Steve!

Basically, a few days ago some decent perch started showing up – one guy fishing by the gate caught and released a 3 lb steelhead along with a cabazone and some black perch.

Is this a reminder? An opening salvo? The first sign of a fish takeover of the planet? Stay tuned.

February 22, 2009   Posted in: Fishing Reports

2 Responses

  1. js - February 23, 2009

    excited for the fishing season to start.

    i was wondering, are halibuts legal year round or does it start in may?

  2. Capitola Boat and Bait - February 24, 2009

    Halibut are legal year round – the trick is finding them. As the waters become more unsettled during the winter, halibut tend to go head for deeper water – that’s why you don’t see many in the winter. There has been some scuttlebut that we might be looking at a really good halibut season this summer however. There were a couple of reports from some commercial boats which – well – the short version is that if they’re true, a lot of fish are set to move in once the weather settles down.