Santa Cruz: Orcas (and other stuff) around

One of the commercial crabbers (John on the Gayle) reports that there are some pretty significant pods of orcas working the waters around the point and up toward Davenport. A few things this could mean:

- It may be that the gray whales are now doing their northerly migration for the season, and the orcas are feeding on the young ones.

- It may be that they’re feeding on king salmon; Darn Glenn said he saw lots and lots of them while he was out getting sanddabs for dinner yesterday.

- Maybe some of both.

- The sea is mysterious – who knows.

Regardless, sounds like some whale watching opportunities – we’ll keep an ear out as always.

March 8, 2009   Posted in: Fishing Reports

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  1. chris - March 10, 2009

    Where can we fish for sandabs ?