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Capitola: Slip sliding away

Pictured is the big entertainment of the day on the Capitola wharf: A boat that showed up a few days ago anchored in “the bad spot”* broke anchor as the winds started to come up this afternoon, and sure enough it blew straight through the marina toward the beach/reef.  The lower photo shows Vessel assist claiming what will in all likelihood be an addition of questionable value to its fleet.Not much happening fishing wise – the perch et al went into hiding.  Ed is pretty confident that if the wind comes up out of the NW tomorrow as the weather reports say it will, fishing in the break should improve dramatically.  So – c’mon northwest wind!

* “The bad spot” is anywhere west of an imaginary line through the center of the length of the wharf – holding is just generally very tenuous there.  When in doubt, rent a mooring – plenty of boats have gone ashore here for lack of local knowledge and experience.

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