Capitola: Slip sliding away

Pictured is the big entertainment of the day on the Capitola wharf: A boat that showed up a few days ago anchored in “the bad spot”* broke anchor as the winds started to come up this afternoon, and sure enough it blew straight through the marina toward the beach/reef.  The lower photo shows Vessel assist claiming what will in all likelihood be an addition of questionable value to its fleet.Not much happening fishing wise – the perch et al went into hiding.  Ed is pretty confident that if the wind comes up out of the NW tomorrow as the weather reports say it will, fishing in the break should improve dramatically.  So – c’mon northwest wind!

* “The bad spot” is anywhere west of an imaginary line through the center of the length of the wharf – holding is just generally very tenuous there.  When in doubt, rent a mooring – plenty of boats have gone ashore here for lack of local knowledge and experience.

March 21, 2009   Posted in: Fishing Reports

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  1. Seacliff Greg - March 22, 2009

    Sunday the 22nd: The Capitola side of Bambora reef to the main beach weed line is holding striped bass as well as a few smaller halibut. Barred surf fishing off the New Brighton beach pump house/public restroom
    area was really good yesterday including a big striped bass that hit a hopkins shorty spoon for local angler,eugene the striper catching machine. Also cigar gary has been using a shrimp baited shrimp fly fished on a spade rod for local halibut. A Really early but welcome halibut bite!

    Another option is the beach just north of the pier, or off the adjacent rocks. Their are some really nice early grass rock fish holding in the kelp. They prefer anchovies or cut sardines fished with a sliding weight set up. Legally you can now catch 10 and a 4-5lb fillet bag for the effort is worth putting up with spring conditions. I think many forget rock fish from shore is legal year round, you just cant keep ling cod out of season.

    Lastly, I have received numerous information requests about fishing Capitola as they have heard good reports regarding the yearly halibut and white sea bass bite. However their has also been some (huhs!
    regarding posting jack smelt and walleyed perch photos. It gives them the impression that the great halibut and possibility of catching a white sea bass era, may have come and gone!

    Most fishermen realize ocean fishing is seasonal but it only takes a few (huhs!) to raise doubts particularly photos of these caliber of fish.

    To all reading this: The Capitola pier and local area is for real! This fishery is really unique as their
    are opportunities for huge halibut,white seabass,striped bass,lingcod,assorted rockfish,Thresher sharks,
    and steelhead trout just to name a few. This is one of only a couple California fisheries
    that offers this variety.

    The staff here is great,they know their fishery well and have all the gear you need to get in the water!
    Additionally there is a full service restaurant right on the end of the pier as well as seasonal live music and plenty of Santa Cruz atmosphere to enjoy!

    There are also several motels right next to pier as well as a really nice clean beach. Also no worries for those with young children as the beach is well protected from the open ocean by its unique location.

    All in all, by far the best fishing destination in the Santa Cruz area