Capitola: Mmmmm, Sardines

But not much more.

March 30, 2009   Posted in: Fishing Reports

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  1. JJ - April 1, 2009

    Legal size Halibut just caught off 36th ave.
    Spear fishing guy nailed it. Tuesday evening.

  2. - April 1, 2009

    Time to get some sardines and fish straight out from the Capitola pier in 40-50feet of water to the cement ship!!! Buts are in!! The main capitola kelp bed off the point is also on! A kayaker friend named rod is scoring buts and has been for a few weeks. Note! don’t be a jerk and force your way in over a guy fishing
    its not cool and actually illegal!! Its listed in civil codes as unlawful disturance of a lawful activity!!
    you might also end up with a 3ounce lead head or weight bounced off your forehead for being obnoxious!!