Capitola: Take a frind for a ride.

I have had a few boats out this week, but only some cod they could not keep.and not much on the wharf.Yesterday one lepord shark one skat one sardin and a few perch. swell was up a litte tuesday and the bait was pushed out to the end of marina.Im hoping it comes back in today.

April 3, 2009   Posted in: Fishing Reports

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  1. - April 5, 2009

    Halibuts are on the way!!! The stock forecast for the central California region looks good. Also an increasing number of cod are showing up and of course being released due to the misguided, mismanaged, and now broke ,closure laws the marine life protection act(M.P.A.)

    Senator Dean Florez the democratic budget oversight committee is going after those who created this law in the first place sighting abusive politics,conflict of interest with those who created it. And more importantly the money trail linked to this scam is finally being brought to light which will involve other key legislative members who believe the MLPA act to be a land grabbing scam not a benefit to the fisheries.
    What does this mean to you as a fishermen. It means restoring our native fisheries opening areas like anuo nuevo and funding salmon hatcheries to restore our lost fish! It has not been proven in a court of law yet but lets just say the Packard foundation supporting the Resource Legacy Fund Foundation which stole 6 months of our rock fish season will have to show prove of what they have been doing with their assets for the last several years.

    In addition Arnold Schwarzenegger our governor has already expressed his discontent for Mike Sutton a newly appointed department of fish and game commissioner with strong ties to the Packard foundation and
    actually vice president for the Monterey bay aquarium plus director for its future of the oceans.
    In addition the Secretary of Natural resources Mike Chairman is also in the hot seat both accused of severe abusive politics. The mlpa act was to cost $250,000 a year to study and is now costing $35 million with no way to fund the program except the Packard Foundations suspicious contributions
    to the Resource Legacy Fund Foundation. The RLFF is our enemy!!! make no mistakes

    Finally after nearly 10 years this whole nightmare is being investigated by the right people particularly Senate pro Tem Darrel Steinberg(D) Sacramento who wants answers which neither the Packard foundation or Resource Legacy Fund Foundation will able to answer to! Hopefully nice long prison terms for those involved who desperately deserve it!!

    For all those who are pissed of by my writings in the Western Outdoor News calling me a sell out! Look what happens when you get enough public interest involved. Writing letters to senators from a bunch of local guys did squat! It took getting more public interest involved for these mentioned senators to look into the whole process! some of you guys saw this as a threat to your local fishing as overcrowding but the results in the end is everyone is going to get a lot of their historic fisheries back avoiding crowding all of us ocean fishermen on to one or two bleak striped of fish reefs. Ye Ha justice on the way at last

  2. - April 9, 2009

    Despite the tougher conditions there is actually bait south of the seacliff pier out in the 50-60ft water off aptos creek. Big balls of cormmorands and pelicans are doing there thing as well as the first murry birds which is usually a sure sign of bait but staying down deeper for which they dive for. Its probably going to be a little swelly for a day or two but after the storm it should be time to go halibut hunting.
    also leopard sharks are around for catch and release fun and can be eaten if your hard up for fish! The females are prego so its ethical to just let them go and spawn. A few surfers near sharks beach to the south said batzilla rays are in the area so watch what gear you are using on dead bait, you might strip the guides off your multi-purpose ugly stick a lot of guys use. In the meantime cod are on tap despite the swell.
    Forget the bobbers and use cod 2/0-3/0 hooks with breakaway weights until the swell calms down. also pier pilings still have nice walleye perch for those carolina rigging kalin grubs in motor oil to light green color. The florescent green colors are not getting the usual bites so try a little less brighter colors and use enough weigh to hold your cast against the swell. You need to stay on top of your line where its going. Don\’t just let it wrap on the pilings.