Capitola: We are back from our little technichal glitch…

Raphael Myron and perch
We call that glitch Frank. But – problem solved here’s what we’ve got:

Here’s Myron and Rafael with perch they caught Tuesday and they pretty much had the whole pier to themselves – pretty nice.

Since Wednesday there hasn’t been much on the wharf. Today so far just some perch and some snails. But there have been dolphins and whales spouting up all over the place here, and greebs, cormorants, and pelicans have been hitting bait out in the marina and occasionally close to the pier. Ed has not seen any bait balls big enough to throw a net over however. If you’re looking for live bait, Bocci Boy Bait is the place to go right now – he’s got a bunch.

April 12, 2009   Posted in: Fishing Reports