Capitola: Tim rattle traps a little flaty.

After a week of nothing, one flaty in the surf and one jacksmelt at the end .and two skates .look at Bayside report.Tod caught some halibut today.

April 17, 2009   Posted in: Fishing Reports

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  1. capt. dan - April 17, 2009

    hope it went back-it\\\’s undersized.

  2. Tim Mullin - April 19, 2009

    Of course it went back.

  3. - April 20, 2009

    Carrie wilson D.F.G public coordinator and spokesperson for the western outdoor news actually ran this question a few weeks ago regarding under size fish and those just wanting a picture before release.

    The law clearly reads a known under size species must be immediately released and no undue harassment may be given to that under size fish. Basically the second you lifted that halibut to the pier you were obligated by law to immediately release it. A quick photo and release doesn’t count and in your case their is no perspective on the pier where the halibut was caught so how long it stayed out of the water before being released is very questionable. Your intent was obvious but a warden may think different

    Whoever took the picture as well as yourself could be sited for poaching despite your goal just to get a quick picture. D.F.G rules are ridiculous but in the future it would be wise to keep these kind of photos for your personal pictures and not post them.

    An angler fishing the Berkeley pier did the same kind of thing with a short red tail perch two weeks ago. he released it instantly after being photographed and that angler still received a violation for it not being 10 and 1/2 inches and the warden cited him for undue hardship to the fish.

    Anyways keep throwing the zoom super flukes in the pearl color with a 3/8ths ounce lead head and you will probably score some bigger flatties. Try from the gates on the pier midway to the last benches.

    There are definitely nice buts cruising the kelp beds near Capitola to the point

    Good luck and tight lines
    Seacliff Greg

  4. - April 21, 2009

    One other note: The hot weather did its job as there are stripers from 18inches to 15lbs cruising everywhere
    looking for food and its not dead anchovies. They want live bait which is tough to come by right now so try the flukes or smaller size fish traps with a 3/8ths ounce lead head painted or not. The pearl ice zoom fluke is money for these pajaro river stripers.

  5. tim mullin - June 23, 2009

    hey, sea cliff dave!! someone took the picture during my catch and release. [expletive deleted]
    come down and say that to my face. im there every day and have been for 27 years
    [expletive deleted]s like you need lessons on manners,im not posing for a picture
    with this puny flattie, i was waiting for extra long needle nose pliers to arrive.
    You see, rattle traps are not meant to catch halibut and the treble was holding
    the mouth shut therefore keeping it out of the water was what i did for 45 seconds!!
    What,do you jump in the water to unhook you under size catch?
    I am glad i was able to save it and im glad someone took the picture during my catch and release. [expletive deleted]