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Capitola: A nice late surprise

Kathy and halibut
To round out or both-ends-of-the-day sandwich, here’s Kathy with a nice legal flatty she just now brought in down in the surf line off the wharf. This 23 incher was enticed by her channel island swim bait. Nice catch Kathy!

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Capitola: Silver lining continues shy streak

Sam and halibut
Here’s Sam with a legal halibut he just caught on very end of the wharf. He was using a squid on a surf leader setup. A nice 25 incher – congrats Sam!

Sadly, we have posted highlights here – not much going on with the boats. We saw one legal ling come in, and the boat that caught the halibut earlier in the day were the highliners with two limits of small browns. Darn Glenn of course got his limit, but that’s Darn Glenn. Most folks didn’t do so well. That said, only two boats were skunked out of 13 – most had at least two browns on board.

Sheriff Larry today confirms mind bending activity at the cement ship as far as stripers are concerned. He saw at least 30 fish in the 8 to 15 pound range chasing his rapella lure. They’d come up close to the pier and turn away. Maddening but fun none the less. What Larry wouldn’t give for a live sardine. Seriously. He could probably get you out of a ticket or something. hehe hehe just kidding.

And that’s about it. Weather wise day started out with a thick marine layer and glassy calm seas, and right now we’re under pleasant sunny skies with 65 degrees. We might not even get an easterly.

Weather forecast for the next few days is a bit strange – they’re forecasting patchy rain with no winds or seas. Hmm. We’ll see what that turns out to be I guess. According to Darn Glenn, after a rain is the best time of all to fish. We saw this in action last year when he tore out of here in rental just as everyone else was running in because of lightening. He’s goofy that way. But he *did* get fish that day.

So – use your boat bucks and test Glenn’s theory this week – should be fun.

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Capitola: A nice early surprise

Mike and halibut
Mike caught this on the west side of the wharf on the edge of the kelp bed just now. He was using a rock cod jig with a strip of squid.

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Capitola: I love my job

Happy Kayakers
The calm waters we had this morning were great for kayaking as well. ‘Nuf said.

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Capitola: Silver lining peeking out again

Tom Jim and brown rock cod
Here are Tom and Jim with a couple of the brown rock fish they caught today inside the mile reef. They brought these in on rock cod rigs with dead anchovies.

Today again we didn’t have many boats out, though quite a few more than we’ve been having through the weekdays. But: nobody got skunked – each boat had at least a few brown rock fish. One boat nearly limited on browns, another caught a couple of lings off Soquel point.

Stripers made a pretty strong showing today – word came in that the few we reported earlier were just the tip of the iceberg: 15 were reported caught off the ship down by the beach just at twilight. That’s awesome, though if you want to try for these you should note that the rangers won’t let you out there that early – whoever was fishing today must have gotten lucky. Your best bet for a hassle free try at the stripers would be at New Brighton around the same time of day. Some 30 pounders were spotted over there today, though 20 pounds was as large as we heard as far as what was actually caught.

Today started off pretty nice for fishing – thick marine layer and extremely calm water. The breeze picked up around noon enough to make fishing difficult, but all in all a pretty nice day for fishing. And overall, things don’t look as bleak fishing wise as they did yesterday: it definitely helped having more people out there trying there luck.

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Capitola: News so fresh, it is still flopping around

Jei and striped bass
Well lookie here – here’s Jei with a 10-11 pound striper he just landed midrange on the wharf. He was using a diving top water minnow lure thingy. We also heard of three stripers coming in off the cement ship, and a couple of boats have come in so far for a break with a few rock cod.

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Capitola: Silver lining playing hide and seek with our hopefulness

Jim and halibut
Well, despite Boccie’s victory last night (and he still has quite a lot of bait – probably more than 50 scoops), we didn’t see much by way of improvement with fishing – maybe even a little downturn from yesterday.

It’s hard to tell, because we had *very* few boats out today – just one rental and a couple of privates. So again – not much of a sample, but here’s what we saw:

Jim pictured here caught this legal halibut and several rock cod on a late bite this afternoon. He was fishing swim baits off Capitola reef. At the moment, Jim is our highliner.

The other private boat we had out said it was a hard call for them – they were oscillating between Capitola and Lake Del Valle for today and opted for Capitola. They ended up being not too happy about the choice – they landed a bunch of small rock fish which they released as they weren’t targeting them.

The rental is still out – you can bet if they had a good day we’ll have another post.

Same kind of thing on the wharf today – literally *nobody* was fishing this afternoon – the only fishing we saw all day was a few guys who landed some jacksmelt this morning.

So – darn – it’s pretty hard to paint a rosey picture here other than to say that once again with so few people out, it’s hard to commit to saying that fishing is genuinely not good. But it kinda looks that way at the moment.

We have decent number of rentals reserved for tomorrow, so we’ll probably be able to be much more definitive after they have a go at it. Right now however it appears that this is one of those times where fishermen and women must pay their dues.

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Happy Days Are Here Again (!!*LIVE BAIT*!!)

Direct from VHF channel 11 about 8 minutes ago: Boccie is at this very moment headed into the harbor with 70 (SEVENTY) scoops of live sardines in the 5-6 inch range. В He and Kevin netted them just off New Brighton beach this evening.

This means:

* You can go see Boccie on S dock in the harbor and get yerself some perfect bait

* Things that eat bait are gonna be really happy about this

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Weather system problem

Someone called today to report that the weather condition system was busted (thank you!).В  It looks like something got jammed up in the weather station itself – it had to be powered down completely.В  It’s working again, but I suspect this will occur every few months.

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Capitola: Sticky halibut

Rubin and flattie
Rubin caught this legal flattie using swim bait off Capitola reef. The halibut cozied up to an empty in the boat and it’s slime acted like glue, hence the beer can dorsal ornament.

Another renter got caught by fish and game with a 21 inch (short) halibut – that’s a dollar ticket. Always remember to measure twice, keep once.

On the whole however, it seems that Sheriff Larry might be on to something – fishing seems to have improved slightly today. There has been small but definite uptick in rock cod and halibut today. Hopefully that’ll hang around into the weekend.

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Capitola: Fishing is the fountain of youth

Katie and brown rock fish
Here’s Katie with the first fish she’s caught on her new boat so far – a decent sized brown rock fish. Katie was fishing over in front of the ship in 40 feet of water using dead anchovies on a rock cod jig. Congratulations Katie. That new boat is going to be a winner for sure!

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Capitola: Rock cod kinda going off today

Dad and Rio and rock fish
Here are Rio and his Dad with their string of rock cod for the day. They were fishing off Soquel point (as was Larry earlier) and hooked up with this nice variety catch. They were using swim baits. Nice catch you guys!

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Capitola: Where did JoJo go

JoJo and huge huge halibut
Here is JoJo with a HUUUUUUGE flattie that he caught off the wharf today. It is SOOO big, that you cannot see JoJo behind it. But, if you’ve been fishing these waters as long as JoJo has, this is no surprise. He caught it down in the surf line using a black and white fluke lure with a bullet head.

(In reality it is 23 inches, but shhh keep it a secret)

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Capitola: Larry Lands Little Legal Flattie and Hides

Rafael and halibut
Sheriff Larry was out today with his brother and brought in this just legal flattie. You’ll note that it is not in fact Sheriff Larry in the photo (this is intrepid Rafael with Larry’s fish). Larry “does not catch” small fish. So apparently you are not seeing this fish. Well – you are – but Larry had nothing to do with it. Or something.

Anyway, there were only a few boats out today in Capitola, but fishing was actually not bad. Larry reports that he and his brother caught and released several diverse large rock fish in 38 feet of water in front of O’Neil’s, including vermillion and cabezon. They also hooked up a couple of legal flatties in 18 feet off New Brighton beach. Most fish were taken on dead anchovies.

So far still no sign of live bait. Still waiting. Still hoping.

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Capitola: Capitola reef continues to produce

Cris Alex and flattie
Here are Cris and Alex with the 24 inch halibut they caught off the Capitola reef today. They were fishing with a white sassy shad in about 12 feet of water. Nice catch!

Dan and Tina went fishing today and caught two limits of nice brown rock fish just outside the harbor as well. They were using anchovies and strips of squid and swim baits.

This sounds like a broken record (or a skipping CD) but: we continue to wait for bait. The water is still a bit too cool, so it’s likely we really need to see warmer water before we see bait. Our fingers are turning blue from all the crossing they’re doing. Hurry up already, little fish.

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Santa Cruz: Airborne flatties in Santa Cruz

Mike and flattie
Here’s Mike and a better-than-legal flattie he caught off the wharf today. He was using one of his fluke lures. He said he saw quite a few small halibut jumping in the shallows this morning ’til about 10 a.m. or so. Mike caught and released two more in addition to this one.

The halibut that were jumping were probably going after some pinheads – Boccie got into a few of them (not keepers) this morning.

There was nothing to report off the Capitola wharf today – nobody was fishing, probably because it was miserably cold this morning.

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Capitola: ONeils again

Ed and halibut
Ed from Zelda’s is on something of a roll here! The fish sought life in the sun after seeing Ed’s dead anchovy off O’Neil’s just a little while ago. Weather is nicer than yesterday – much warmer and as you can see the fog has burned off – it actually burned off around noon or so today.

Still a few boats out so fingers remain crossed.

Boccie and Kevin continue the hunt: They got into a small number of pinhead anchovies today – nothing worth keeping but perhaps a good sign.

More as it happens.

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