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Santa Cruz: I guess one can overlook the ugly when dinner time comes

Curly Brian Morgan and many rock fish
Curly, Brian, and Morgan stopped over at our Capitola store for a photo op this afternoon after a great day of fishing. They launched their own boat out of Santa Cruz and went clear up to the Franklin – just short of New Years. It was worth the trip, cuz they got into a bunch of nice rock cod *and* the biggest fish of the day – a 14 pound ling! [ that's "biggest" as far as we know anyway ]

They threw the kitchen sink at it using a variety of swim baits, rock cod and halibut rigs, squid, probably other stuff too. Whatever the magic, it worked

NICE catch you guys – congrats!

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Capitola: What the heck kind of ugly fish is that?

John and lingcod
Here’s John who launched out of Capitola on his own boat with the only legal ling to come into Capitola today – it was 25 inches, about 8 pounds. He caught it off the Capitola reef using swim bait.

Things were a better at our Santa Cruz location today – Ed was over there this afternoon and saw one Santa Cruz boat come in with two legal lings. They’d been fishing off the main reef using rock cod rigs with squid. They also had a limit of rock cod. We didn’t get a full report from the SC shop, but it is reasonable to expect that Ed’s “sample” there is representative. Santa Cruz has the advantage when it comes to rock formations.

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Capitola: Darn Glenn will not be denied…

Glenn and string of rock fish
…or out-fished. Here he is with today’s prize – a nice limit of browns. So what, you say? Well he released *30* others along the way. He was using Channel Island fish traps just outside the Capitola mile reef. Go Darn Glenn, Go!

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Capitola: WooooooT!

James Bill rock cod and flattie
Today is the first day of rock cod season, and here are our first winners!

James and his buddy Bill scored two limits of rock cod and a legal flattie just outside the Capitola reef (that’s where they got the halibut and most of the rock cod). They were using dead squid and anchovies on a rock cod rig. They kept just eight of the rock cod because they’d gotten into some smaller ones for a while.

Congratulations James and Bill!

And – it’s on, folks!!

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