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Capitola: Fish ignore south swell, continue eating hooks

Alex, Rodrigo, ling and brown
Ed was very busy today so he only got to take this one picture though we could have had many others. This will change shortly when the stenographer moves down into the marina next week, as the stenographer also knows how to work the camera. (Yay – summer!!)

Alex and Rodrigo here did the best of all the boats out of Capitola today – they ended up keeping two nice lings and eight browns. They were fishing the outer edge of the Capitola reef using frozen chovies on rock cod rigs. All together we had 16 boats out in Capitola today, and only one got skunked. That boat just had a nasty run of bad luck – they broke a rod on the way in. There’s still one boat out – if that comes in with anything extraordinary we’ll be sure to post it.

Before the rush, Ed saw a harbor seal eaing a 10 pound halibut next to the wharf, so there are definitely flatties to be had!

All told, looks like a pretty nice start to the season so far.

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