Capitola: Something!

Richard and Perch
Here’s Richard with a couple of black perch he caught off the wharf this morning using shrimp on a surf leader. He was fishing by the gate.

As you can see, it is foggy, though now it’s clearing some. And the swell is coming down nicely. Hopefully I’ll have something better to report later in the day.

May 7, 2009   Posted in: Fishing Reports

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  1. Seacliff greg - May 7, 2009

    Good news Ed,Anna and crew. Big stripers headed your way. we saw monsters to 40lbs cruising the beaches south of seacliff beach and headed your way. Get some shiner perch in and you guys might score a fish of a lifetime. Some of the stripers were huge like four footers plus. No hookups on sea cliff pier today that I saw but reportedly a 25incher took a shrimp intended for perch. Whats the good word on halibut? I honestly think you guys should see this group of fish hit Capitola pier no later than this weekend. Try for shiner perch as they are showing up now. No baits like sardines or anchovies but my god if we did look out all hell could break loose. Cigar gary and other popper throwers should throw over the surfer lane south of the pier early morning. There finally here!!!!!!!

    The swell should also be down for friday and the flatties might show up again in shallow water around capitola pier. None here in seaclif pier just a few calico perch and one maybe striper a 25incher reported.

    I saw the bass and it was awesome this evening even though they were not willing to eat. They were moving north in huge groups of mostly 10-12lbers but a few were real monsters as mentioned so be on the look out!

  2. - May 9, 2009

    Striped bass showin up from seacliff to Capitola I bet you guys hit some bass this weekend on the Capitola pier try using smaller size chrome like 1 ounce kroccodiles or small hairaisers. There has been close to a dozen to 14lbs with most just 5-7 lb schoolie size busting lures since friday last week. Where is the bait?
    We get bait and its going to get good. This probably won’t get printed as it doesn’t sell rentals but ask a few locals and get another opinion,its for real.