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Capitola: Oh – and…

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Capitola: And finally….

Ron and flattie
Here’s Ron with his 10 pound flattie. He caught it using dead anchovies, probably at the mile reef (we didn’t ask – very very busy).

So, another day with most of the boats getting fish. Last Friday and Saturday were very good, Monday through Thursday were pretty slow, then yesterday it picked up and now it appears to be getting much better. The weather has be beautiful.

Very warm on the coast for this time of year. Since the weather turned on us and got warm, we’ve been seeing morning fog up ’til maybe 11 a.m. or so, followed by just really nice blue skies and warmth. Forecast is going to have it cooling down just a bit, but otherwise we appear to be in our regular spring pattern. So – good time to fish or just go sightseeing – come on down!

Oh – yes – new boat bucks will be up possibly tonight. Same deal as last year – off a full day rental Monday through Thursday. Stay tuned – we’ll post when they’re ready.

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Capitola: Good stuff from the wharf as well

Cameron and ling
Here’s Cameron with a ling he caught and released. He caught it by the gate in the middle of the wharf using frozen chovies on a surf leader.

Elsewhere on the wharf, Mike caught several very small halibut in the surf line using a fluke lure with a couple of split shots, dragging it in the surf line. Also, yesterday late in the afternoon there was a big halibut lost mid range on the wharf using a swim bait – it was an old crab net that fell apart. Tears were shed. Double double darn.

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Capitola: Ding ding ding ding

Aaron and ling
Capitola reef has indeed been pretty darned good lately. Here’s Aaron with his 14 pound ling. He caught this today using frozen chovies on egg sinker, barrel swivel, and short lead rig.

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Capitola: Capitola reef again…

Ted and halibut
Here’s Ted with his 8 pound halibut that he caught on dead anchovies on a surf leader off the Capitola reef.

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Capitola: Five million years of fishing these waters pays off

JoJo and flattie
Here’s JoJo with his 11 pound halibut that he caught this morning off the Capitola reef kelp beds using channel island swim bait. Both Larry and JoJo also got a bunch of nice grass cod in the same area with the same gear.

The astute among you may have noticed that last year JoJo only had one million years of experience fishing these waters. Well. It’s like dog years.

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Capitola: Saturday early bird catches huge worm

Jim and nice ling
We have lots to talk about today in Capitola – lots of boats and kayaks out.

First, here’s Jim with a nice 12 pound ling he caught in the Capitola reef kelp bed using swim bait from a kayak. No fancy hardware – just brute strength and strong line. Nice catch Jim!

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Santa Cruz: News from Cruz

We haven’t had many reports from our Santa Cruz store but what we have heard sounds pretty good – we have a report of a 7 pound ling and a 27 inch halibut coming in off the boats. As usual, Santa Cruz has lots of nice rocky spots to fish, so productivity with the rock fish is no surprise.

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Capitola: Catching up

Steve Kim Ling Browns
We have had technical difficulties the last few days with our internet service so we are a bit behind, but we’ll catch up right now. Get ready – lots of stuff coming…

First from yesterday here’s Steve Kim with his 12 pound ling and a couple of the brown rock cod they caught fishing the mile buoy with dead anchovies.

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