Capitola: And finally….

Ron and flattie
Here’s Ron with his 10 pound flattie. He caught it using dead anchovies, probably at the mile reef (we didn’t ask – very very busy).

So, another day with most of the boats getting fish. Last Friday and Saturday were very good, Monday through Thursday were pretty slow, then yesterday it picked up and now it appears to be getting much better. The weather has be beautiful.

Very warm on the coast for this time of year. Since the weather turned on us and got warm, we’ve been seeing morning fog up ’til maybe 11 a.m. or so, followed by just really nice blue skies and warmth. Forecast is going to have it cooling down just a bit, but otherwise we appear to be in our regular spring pattern. So – good time to fish or just go sightseeing – come on down!

Oh – yes – new boat bucks will be up possibly tonight. Same deal as last year – off a full day rental Monday through Thursday. Stay tuned – we’ll post when they’re ready.

May 9, 2009   Posted in: Fishing Reports