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Capitola: A little more of everything

Shawn and halibut
So, today a total of five halibut came in here, three you’ve seen, one undersized one off the middle of the wharf, and this one. Here’s Shawn with a flatty she hooked up on using a live sardine around the kelp beds off privates.

The bait situation has gotten dramatically better in the last two days. Today as we mentioned earlier we’re seeing monster sardines up to 12 inches – a meal in themselves – plus some smaller ones down towards the cement ship in the five to six inch range. All very jiggable.

It also remains somewhat spooky here.

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Fixed camera clock

The clock in the camera reset at some point in the winter – I’ve just set it properly so EXIF data in the photos will include the date & time the photo was taken again.В  To see the EXIF data, just click on any photo.В  If the date/time is absent, that’s a photo where the camera clock wasn’t set.В  Again – as of now the EXIF data should be correct.

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Capitola: JoJo lets Larry catch a few this time

Larry and halibut limit
Larry’s the first one in with a limit in Capitola this year! He caught these using sardines – the big live ones – along the edge of the kelp bed off the Capitola reef.

Today again we don’t have many boats out – really just one rental today – so the likelihood of there being lots more out there to be caught is pretty good. Good time to use your boat bucks.

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Capitola: The ramp is down

Ed and whopper sardine
Couple of items:

First, the ramp and floating dock at the Capitola wharf are finally down! The city plans to keep it down for this coming weekend, then bring it up for a couple of days next week for maintenance. Following that it’ll be down for the season – finally!

Here you see Ed with a whopper sardine – we’ve seen a whole bunch of these in the neighborhood since yesterday. Ed got this (and quite a few others) using a thrownet from the wharf and is generally available in and around the Capitola marina.

There’s also a bunch of the same sort of bait straight out of the Santa Cruz harbor.

It would not be surprising to see a bunch of *big* flatties, seabass, and lings show up with this kind of food around.

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