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Capitola: A bit slow, but not bad for this time of the year

Troy and brown rock cod
Fishing was a bit slow today on the rentals – only five out and the catches were not exactly bumper crops.

Here’s Troy with his catch – a decent sized brown rock cod. A few boats came in with similar catches.

Sheriff Larry is the highliner so far today – kinda. He caught four lings off surfer’s reef (Soquel Point) using live sardines and mackerel on a halibut rig. Two of the lings were really good sized keepers, the other two were undersized. He was looking for halibut however, so he let them go. He is probably more upset about the lack of a picture than anyone of course (Larry’s “modesty” is legend).

Right now Kurtis and Josh are still out – they are reporting (reliably) double limits of just legal halibut off Capitola reef using live sardines on halibut rigs. If we get a picture at some time we’ll post it.

In general where halibut *have* been caught, just-legal size are the most common. There have been a few really large fish that have come in out of Santa Cruz but they are by far the exception to the rule.

Otherwise, the weather has been basically perfect – temps in the 70′s, sunny with a light breeze all day. The water in the northern part of Monterey Bay has remained quite flat despite some pretty impressive northwesterly winds ripping down the coast, so it’s been just great as far as being out on a boat is concerned. By all accounts it’ll pretty much continue to be nice right through the weekend.

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