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Capitola: Pretty good day for halibut

Steve and halibuts
Steve brought in two just legal halibut off Capitola reef in a rental today. He was using live sardines on a plastic slider locking swivel single hook rig. Steve and his buddy also caught and released a bunch of small rock fish in the same area.

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Capitola: Kayaks + shallows = niiiiiice fish

Joe and halibut
Here’s Joe with his catch for today a 10 pounder. He was fishing inside Capitola reef from his kayak. We forgot to ask what he was using (darn) but regardless – nice fish.

Congrats Joe!

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Thanks for your patience…

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Capitola: Fun day on the water

Travis Geaff Evan and rock fish
Here are Travis, Geaff, and Evan with their catch for today – a copper, a vermillion, and a brown rock cod. They were fishing outside the kelp bed off Soquel point. They got into some smaller fish – these are the three that they kept – they were using rock cod rigs with squid.

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Capitola: Lots of wharf action today!

Roy and flattie
Here’s Roy with another flattie from the wharf . He was fishing in the surf line with a live sardine and the same deal that Ed was using and – voila – dinner. He also got spooled – never saw it, no clue what it was, but whizzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

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Santa Cruz: Whole lot of catching, somewhat less keeping

Tom and lings
Here’s Tom with a couple lings and a copper and some browns he caught motor trolling today. He released about 15 undersized lings before he got the two keepers! He was fishing from Natural Bridges to the lighthouse using anchovies on some special thing he’s been perfecting. To the trained eye, it looks like a halibut leader with a spinner blade in front of it.

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Capitola: Lift Boat? Chase Fish? Hmmmm

Ed and flattie
Here’s a very happy Ed with a halibut he just caught off the wharf using a live sardine on a egg sinker barrel swivel thing he made up – he has not yet named it.

There are sardines around the wharf but they’re spotty – if you watch for popping bait you can jig some up with a bait jig.

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