Capitola: Pretty good day for halibut

Steve and halibuts
Steve brought in two just legal halibut off Capitola reef in a rental today. He was using live sardines on a plastic slider locking swivel single hook rig. Steve and his buddy also caught and released a bunch of small rock fish in the same area.

May 15, 2009   Posted in: Fishing Reports

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  1. - May 16, 2009

    In the bait balls are healthy hungry thresher sharks launching themselves for an arial display this afternoon of New Brighton. I also heard Bocci had one make a huge leap for freedom yesterday on a bait set
    in the same area. Halibut city in the capitola reef with at least 14 caught today by kayakers and 7 lings as well before the afternoon swell picked up. Everything came on live sardines including a 38inch ling which I beleive is the biggest so far this year.

    Got time! Want a flattie? Jig up some sardines and hit the reefs as the buts are filling in. Mostly smaller 23-24inchers but a few to 14lbs were taken today. Striped bass are also taking the sardines flylined right off the New Brighton beach pump house but nothing big just 10lbers which is just fine for eating size.