Capitola: JoJo trying on a new face

Larry and JoJo flatties
Here are three of the four legal halibut that Larry and JoJo brought in today. They were using swim baits fishing Bombora reef outside the kelp beds.

We had a very busy day launching and de-launching the boats, but not very much worth taking photos of. A few boats had some small rock cod, and one came in late with a short halibut. They saw a guy in a kayak land three legal halibut right in front of them.

There were sardines in the marina but they were stubborn. Lots of folks spent quite a lot of time trying to jig them up without luck. They were harder to get than they were yesterday, but they weren’t really hopping out of the water then either. The day probably would have been more productive if people had used dead bait or lures.

Here’s to hoping for a better tomorrow.

May 16, 2009   Posted in: Fishing Reports