Capitola: There have been better days on the wharf

Serenity and her first fish ever
Here’s Serenity with her first fish ever – congratulations!

Unfortunately Serenity was pretty much the highliner on the wharf today – wharf fishing was in line with boat fishing (not so great). This morning a few kids were doing well catching perch using bait jigs and shrimp pieces, but no cries for the net all day.

Of worthy mention however, yesterday evening Ed saw a legal halibut brought in at the surf line. There may be some kind of bite going on at that time (which is right about now) – it’ll be interesting to see if anyone brings anything in tonight.

That’s about it – a *beautiful* day on the water (sunshine, upper 60′s to mid 70′s, flat seas with just a bit of south swell), but not a lot of fish. Some days you just have to pay your dues.

May 16, 2009   Posted in: Fishing Reports