Capitola: Having the ocean to yourself is nice

Chris Jon Ray rock fish
Here are Chris, Jon, and Ray with the results of their first venture away from freshwater fishing – a nice selection of rock cod. They were fishing off the kelp bed to the east of the marina with anchovies on rock cod rigs. They actually caught quite a few more than they kept but they were really looking for some bigger ones, so that’s what they kept.

Theirs was the only rental out today, and there were essentially no other boats around, so they enjoyed a wide open ocean with calm seas and light winds under a marine layer this morning. They brought some boat bucks, so they saved a bit on the rental as well. Bait is still scarce but dead bait seems to be working ok. We do have a bit of red tide in here now but it was more up towards Soquel point so it’s not really messing things up too badly here.

Weekdays are a great opportunity to get out there and have some peace and quiet, as we usually don’t see a lot of people renting during the week. If you can, print out some boat bucks and head on down.

May 19, 2009   Posted in: Fishing Reports