Capitola: Might there be bait?

Today we again had only a few boats out, and they came in with a few rock cod – nothing remarkable. Again though – not many boats == not a very good sample.

This afternoon however it has very rapidly started to look like we might be getting into a bunch of bait. There have been a *lot* of birds working the water straight off the wharf and toward the cement ship. Kurtis got over a really nice size bait ball and jigged up a bunch of sardines, and we’ve seen some sardines come up on bait jigs off the wharf. That, and the stenographer may have seen some extremely phosphorescent water out by his boat this afternoon, which is a pretty good bait sign (when you can see it during the day, it’s *really* going off) .

Boccie is on his way down here now so maybe we’ll have some really good news live bait wise later tonight.

May 21, 2009   Posted in: Fishing Reports