Capitola: Easy come easy go

Wayne Sean and halibut
Well, the bait seems to have taken a vacation again – it’s pretty much nowhere to be found (and Boccie sold out not too long after he opened up). Given how the bait just showed up last night however, it’s probably not something to freak out about; it was about this time last year (almost to the day actually) that we first saw decent amounts of bait show up. We’ll of course post in all-caps when it shows up again.

We had only three boats out today, and only one did well. Wayne and Sean here were the last boat out and managed to bring in this prize 12 pound flattie. They were fishing off Soquel Point off the edge of the kelp bed and were using surf leaders with strips of squid. Congratulations you guys. And um hey – when’s dinner? ;-)

May 22, 2009   Posted in: Fishing Reports