Capitola: One more for Capitola reef

Rui and halibuts
Here’s Rui, our local crazy Portuguese and his catch for the day – a seven and a 21 pound halibut! He got these off Capitola reef along the edge of the kelp bed using pearl white fish traps. He had a larger one on but lost it. Nice catch Rui!!

May 22, 2009   Posted in: Fishing Reports

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  1. Seacliff greg - May 23, 2009

    The California Marine life Protection Act plan took a major blow this week as proposition AB1253 was shut down cold. This would have made California striped bass a non game fish open to no limits of any kind. It was actually reviewed by president Obama as he is looking to end Salmon welfare and get California anglers back to fishing where reasonably possible. He found the data was ridiculous and showed an obvious attempt by the southern San Joaquin water distict to gain water control rights which obama said was despicable and our Governor Arnold failure to control the
    corruption issues involved requires immediate federal investigation into all parties involved. Finally!!!. Obama has appointed a new oceans director in charge Jane Nuhubbard to look into water issues like the Russian river coho salmon deaths similar to the deaths of thousands of king salmon on the klamath river under president bush\’s watch and this has all water districts in California in panic as fiscal revues are being made mandatory to access the extent of their corruption.

    Senator Dean Florez and Darrel Steinburg have also been asking the same question of California parties like the Packard foundation to show cause why the MLPA process is costing nearly 35 million dolllars a year to run and supported greatly by the Packard/foundation itself to gain political control of California\’s ocean waterways. It\’s future of California oceans director mike Sutton and Natural Resources chairman ,Mike Chairman are exposing Julie Packards plans to avoid criminal prosecution from governor shwartzenegger and the whole corrupt link is being exposed while the State of California is trying to finish the whole MLPA process incomplete and bail out before indictments are handed out.

    They are making illegal actions against the Public of California as water resources are written into our constitution as free to all to use under set rules established in California by Sam Farr in 1984. The actual wording signed into federal law states\" no one party can implement a closure of water resources to the public itself unless proven in a court of law to show such cause that this water resource is in immediate danger to its self or the people of California\". In other words no one party can create a closure based on unproven data and if that closure occurs an immediate court inquiry is required to state the reason why and make corrections!

    This is why our California government rallied in 2004 to create MLPA zones but since the data is incomplete the closures cannot be legal. It actually takes someone to be cited for fishing these waters considered closed without court proven data to sue the State of California for violation of this law. Their is no case record on file challenging the ruling so the continued illegal acts are on a path of destruction to reach Santa Cruz By 2011 un-challanged,only protested as unfair. I have filed a hearing request as allowed by state law, to show cause these regions declared off limits to fishing, is illegal by both state and federal law statues. The Data to support an immediate threat exists to many ocean fish species is missing and therefore the whole process is illegal. The State of California Closed ocean waterways to fishing before court establishing with federally approved data the need to do so. It\’s the cart leading the horse.

    Sam Farr\’s federally approved ocean clean up laws in 1984 actually make it mandatory that a ocean fish using ocean waters declared to be in crisis must be immediately researched to determine its cause of decline and create solutions to its recovery.
    Specific time guidelines are given to make such reports to the supreme court to show reason for its crisis. King Salmon thus have been reviewed as to their demise but no court ruling shows concrete proof their reason for being in such peril and the time guidelines have expired! This requires immediate federal investigations into the situation to solve the problem for California which has not been done and instead Salmon welfare is being passed out until a cause or causes can be fully established with court ordered correction. Its not enough to identify the problem but also give a solution. If all these factors have been overlooked or enforced as legal a person cited for fishing a MLPA zone has a viable class action law suit.

    I am also still trying to locate a valid listing of restoration of illegaly used striped bass funds from the 1990\’s in which the D.F.G was ordered to repay 72 plus million illegally used striped bass stamp fishing dollars given to duck hunting habitat. Federal court order cvpia actually calls for the doubling off striped bass population as a valid federal order while the state of California created predation concern court orders at a state level to avoid repaying the fees. The time to prove striped bass are a significant threat to king Salmon has legally passed but no one is pressing the issue to resolve this matter as its limbo status keeps the debt unpaid. This to is illegal and I have made this aware to the superior court which agreed a mandatory decision must be made to show valid predation data by 8-2009 or repay this debt. The Failure of proposition AB1253 thus did not allow the California D.F.G. a side door out of this debt. California cannot continue to hide under federal protection if in violation or the Federal government is in violation. I again have contacted president obama\’s staff which has ordered arnold shwartzeneger to resolve this issue immediately with appropriate actions.

    Just by reading some of the laws I found out all this info and more is out there for other counties in California as well being violated by water districts breaking the law! I will keep you posted as to the actual literature I receive for future reference

    Thank Senators Dean Florez and Darrel Steinburg for getting the ball rolling into this investigation and we in Santa Cruz county will not see the Marine life Protection acts real purpose fulfill its goal as the corruption will hopefullly be exposed just in time by 2011, to stop more uneccessary closures and restrictions. What will occur is a federal goal to get Salmon welfare off the federal governments list of cuts and as you may have already heard a 2010 season south of horse mountain is already being created by the California D.F.g indicating the federal pressure is on!

    A plan to let commercial ground rock fishermen use the deeper R.C.A lines(Deep Water Reefs) will occur and make them stay out of shallow waters we sportsfishermen use, is being federally created as we speak as the R.C.A. lines include federal waters and the shallow waters includes State waters. The impact of the 6 month rock fish closures to California financially ,is finally seeing some light by senators Florez and Steinburg and the State of California will be pressured by obama to use its fishing resources where reasonable to generate revenue at both the state and federal level. This opens up the whole flow of finances again creating jobs and income so desperately needed throughout California.

    This time around a more accurate data system can be used to gather actual data not speculated data to establish where to fish. It still may require areas be limited to fishing but the availability of year round fishing and proper utilization of the resource. Limited private self interest groups like the Packard foundation will not call the shots but a more broad spectrum of interests to insure survival for all. Those not cooperating will be thrown out as non-compliant and fines made huge for violaters.this will all take time but its a start to a new future,finally some good news!

  2. Capitola Boat and Bait - May 23, 2009

    Wow – just wow. That’s good stuff Greg – do you have a/some source link(s) for this?

  3. Seacliff Greg - May 24, 2009

    I have been fighting to expose the California Marine Life Protection Act since its creation in 1999 as It was clear California needed water to survive and eventually the California Delta was going to be the target.
    Drag net fishing needed to be stopped in key shallow water nursery zones particularly so fishermen thought this was a good idea and sided with this agency to stop this action. what they didn\’t know was what they were actually getting themselves into.

    Being on the striped bass association for all the years I devoted to delta fishing, taught me that a water war was coming ,and look out for specific entities, particularly the Southern San Joaquin Water district which controls the southern delta pumps. In 1999 I fished outside the pumps when they were turned them on because the chopped up fish made a feeding frenzy and I new someone was getting away with serious enviornmental fraud. The pumps still grind up fish to this day with out proper screens and despite federal
    repair orders with threat of fines nothing has happened? except dead fish which is amazing!
    and the striped bass that actually survived the aquaduct into southern california lakes are considered vermin to be discarded despite strict wasting of resource laws written by the D.F.G.\"It is unlawful to waste a California Game Fish\". answer try to make it a non Game fish to ensure it\’s destruction and conflict with water rights.

    I have also spent 38 years fishing California\’s oceans and watched the decline of Salmon and striped bass at the same rate once the water volumes leaving the delta got out of control and water districts got greedy. It was in 2004 that Water districts supported by Arnold Schwartzenegger set up smokescreens to take the focus off their draining of the delta by Attacking California Ocean zones which had stable fish stocks like Anuo Nuevo without legal cause to do so. The reasoning was attack rocky zones to save ground rockfish? This made no sense as actual depleted rockfish areas like southern California\’s Islands had big over fishing issues left untouched but an area producing stable fish counts for nearly 60 years with no shortage in sight suddenly needed to be closed? What it did was force anglers to fish the same reefs over and over instead of selective harvest as we spread out in the past insuring some breeders survived.

    Then that stripped area is used to try to justify a need to close more areas encompassing the entire state while private interest groups like the Packard foundation,Moore foundation, and Marisla foundation to name a few saw opportunities to cash in on eco-bucks and water districts planning for the future. The water disticts started signing a lot of eco-activist checks to promote fishing bans. Check out any copy of the Santa Cruz employement sheets newspapers and you will see an add that says be an activist now get paid up to 1500 dollars monthly. UCSC kids from kansas and Nebraska smoking northern California pot for the first time acting and believing at pacific fishery meetings that they are making a difference to help save our oceans as they have a whopping 6 months of ocean education ,not even one ocean yearly cycle,while fishery experts with 40 plus years of experience are denied the opportunity to provide valuable data and or speak
    the very data the MPA is missing on purpose to warrant its bogus expansion needs,which I researched is illegal as the public is being cheated out of its right to use these resources.

    Also if salmon and or striped bass are shut off as non take or closed species then nobody is watching the store and the water districts can come in and strip away vast quantities of delta water killing Salmon and striped bass without penalty.They are getting away with it when south delta pumps run and the recent ruling to make long fin delta smelt non unique thus endangered allows them to pump away again. Our horribly unorganized and funded d.F.G just do their 9 to 5 and take huge budget cuts..Spineless whimps! The D.F.G even stopped taking seasonal helpers and created an academy dedicated to making ticket producing wardens not a public agency offering support to help make better anglers by education programs. These funds were stopped as to many young educated anglers equaled to many angry voices for years to come once the planned water corruption began.

    The good news is acclaimed fisheries biologist Dr.David Noakes believes pen raised King salmon may make a huge 2011 comeback as this project\’s cycle of returning salmon would occur in 2011 if successful. These are all hatchery fish which may not be as genetically strong as wild salmon nor as disease resistant but one thing for certain they can\’t spawn in a warm mud pit full of crawdads as governor schwarzenegger and Lester Snow of the Department of water resources wants to build a bigger peripheral canal and is even invading private farm lands to do core drilling to establish a potential route for this canal with or without farmer permission. I have heard of rock salt loads being deployed which is not illegal as they have a right to protect their land. These DWR water people just think they can do as they please and their dead wrong!!! The required water needed to satisfy the DWR is about 6.5 million acre feet of water a month which would leave the upper sacramento and american rivers where salmon spawn crawdad pits.

    Schwarzenegger who is borderline dilusional about his efforts to provide water to Californian\’s as a historic undertaking like he saving California from certain disaster. His moronic policies and complete lack of knowledge to appoint the right personal to the right job with unbiased reports has allowed water districts to believe they can even create propositions to destroy long standing game fish populations to get at water supplies and call it exceptable. Take prop AB1253 regarding Striped bass as a non valid game fish! What a joke! Jean Fuller who represents Bakersfield a dry county created this bill and gutted it to say lets study salmon predation in the Delta,hum! would that include you Mrs Fuller?

    Yes I have hundreds of resources and if you really want an expert who has fought even harder than I Contact Bill Jennings of the California Sports Fishing Alliance. I was present in court when some historic decisions were made like exposing corrupt striped bass stamp funds to duck hunters,and turning off the south Delta pumps by Saramento judge roesch to save delta smelt but ultimately water rights will remain an on going fight as California continues to expand.I found the Samm Farr rulings by asking for a copy as they are a matter of public record but the direct presidential contacts took ten years to finally get a response and it came right at the same time Dean Florez and Darrel Steinburg are conducting oversight hearings into the political misuse and private interest conflict issues Julie Packard created to keep her private pond the Monterey Bay Aquarium fully funded. But why are we studying frogs for example with fishery tax dollars when the alleged crisis is ground rockfish.

    I also love how the Resource Legacy fund Foundation funded by the Packard foundation dupes our idiot governor into signing into law marine closures that cannot be managed at present level but wants to create more until they control all of California\’s oceans. The issue is not fish its water period! to control the water you need to bypass the feds and fish. Obama is not George w. Bush thank God! He may tax us to death but we probably can keep fishing like we used to with some reasonable closures provided we show data to support the resource is usable and here lies the problem as we actually did this in 2004 for the historic California MPA zoning closures and its thousands of research dollars and notes regarding catch counts were dumped as garbage by our governor who now wishes he had not appointed the RLFF and Packard foundation the power to do what insanity they have for their private interest. He may still stand trail next for allowing gross negligence to our ocean fisheries.

    Oh ya one last thing Maria Shriver his wife is actually a kennedy,the closest thing to royalty we have in America and her eco-freak ideas are just as stupid. I here they eat local lobsters at their Malibu home every friday courtesy of us tax payers and there is a big outbreak of demoic acid shellfish poisoning going on in that region. Their demise from a california ocean creature would be the perfect karma they deserve!

  4. Rui Machado - August 22, 2011

    If I only knew how to read Close it for the preservation of speices act? If you dont save some of them, they will all be in cans, some were waiting for the market to go up. SELL SELL!! And no more fish anywere. I dont want that to happen. You guys are great.