Capitola: Million dollar view needs eyes!!

Lots of moorings
Well, we’re wishing we’d been taking reservations – our marina is essentially empty and Santa Cruz harbor has boats stacked *four* to **six** deep on crowded end ties (and is charging full price!!). If you are reading this and are getting crunched on in one of those end ties (or are thinking of going in there), you might just want to float on over here. We have *lots* of moorings available, a beautiful view, Capitola village is just a short walk away, and the shore boat will be running til midnight.

Fishing wise, Capitola reef has seen better days. We had lots of boats out today, most of them were fishing that reef. Not really ideal, so only one boat did really well there. The lucky boat got two limits of rock cod – mostly browns and some grass. The rest were maybe getting one or two fish. Only one rental got a halibut – it was just legal. However one private boat that was fishing in the same area got three.

There were a few nice radio fish today just a bit further to the east and south of here – Bayside may have a picture or two.

Weather tomorrow looks lit it’ll be similar to today – pretty thick marine layer in the morning and into the middle afternoon. It cleared out and got sunny here about mid afternoon, which is a bit abnormal – normally it happens earlier. If you’re looking for a break from the heat, this is *definitely* the place to be!

May 23, 2009   Posted in: Fishing Reports